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INAB|CERTH is at the forefront of Big Data across all domains in Life Sciences due to its significant expertise and extensive experience in the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data in studies focusing from microbial communities to plants and livestock to nutrients and large-scale clinical cohorts.

Agri-biotechnology research Biomedical research

In particular, INAB|CERTH exhibits competencies across several technological and methodological approaches, including: (a) whole exome sequencing, (b) DNA methylome sequencing, (c) transcriptome analysis (RNA-seq and Ribo-seq), (c) targeted sequencing, (d) metagenomics approaches, including 16S and 18S amplicon sequencing, and (e) proteomics studies, amongst others, all exhibiting the traits of Big Data. Indeed, a single study can produce several hundred Gigabytes of data, which consequently require the dedicated computational infrastructure, present in-house, for adequate processing that can lead to meaningful and actionable insights.

Agri-biotechnology projects Biomedical projects

Moreover, and going beyond the local computational approaches, INAB|CERTH has close collaborations with established European e-infrastructures, such as EGI, EUDAT and RDA, and is a member of key scientific networks, such as Euroclonality-NGS, that maintain the competitiveness of the organization in the constantly evolving landscape of computational challenges and provide the opportunities to interact and affect future policies.

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