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Bridging the knowledge gap on the uses of plants, animals and food between ancient and modern times is a major focus of interest for INAB | CERTH on the belief that this activity can be illuminating in a wide area of human activities, spanning from climate adaptability and projections of climate changes impact on the ecosystems to plant and animal breeding to perfume and traditional cuisine. INAB | CERTH is also very active in the field of ICT for health and personalized health. Its competences start from big data management, analytics and interpretation with data stemming from biomolecular to streaming data, to telemonitoring, medication, and social media data.

Focusing on knowledge dissemination and science promotion INAB | CERTH has a regular educational program, comprising seminars, journal clubs, workshops, training courses; and, organizes educational events and meetings aimed at both specialized and lay audience. Finally, INAB | CERTH is engaged in outreach activities aimed particularly at primary and secondary schoolchildren.